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Race Number Belt
Race Number Belt
Race Number Belt

*item discontinued Feb.2020
*For alternate custom item options, call us...

The Champion System specific Race Number Belt is designed to hold race numbers.

It is NOT a fuel belt. They are designed so that they do not rub against the fabric of your garment causing pilling or pulling. It also saves your suit from damage because you no longer have to pin numbers onto it directly.

The race number belt is adjustable for both number width and the actual size of the belt.


  • Eliminates pilling or pulling of your garment.
  • Fully adjustable to fit different number sizes.
  • Non-customizable.
  • CS Black design only.
  • No minimums.


  • Wash in Garment Bag
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Always Line Dry
  • Fully Zip Up
  • Wash Garment inside out
  • Do Not Use Softeners
  • Do Not Use Solvents
  • Do Not Wash with Velcro
  • Do Not Leave Wet longer than 30 min