Champion System Athlete Alex Candelario - Racing For A Cause

Kelly Benefit Strategies pro rider Alex Candelario is riding in a different kit this cyclocross season.  He is racing to support World Bicycle Relief. Alex was one of the top cross riders in the country but took a break from the dirt and mud to concentrate on the road. He is returning this season for a cause that is close to his heart. His transition back to cross has been relatively easy and at the recent UCI C2 Colorado Cross Classic he placed an impressive 5th in the Elite Men's Race. World Bicycle Relief was founded by SRAM and Trek Bicycles in 2005. It provides large-scale bicycle programs to poverty relief and disaster recovery initiatives. Champion System is proud to be the official clothing supplier for Alex's World Bicycle Relief team.

For more info on World Bicycle Relief go to Cyclocross Team

Team is a new grassroots cyclocross squad based in New York City. It's made up seven riders who simply love 'cross. They have riders of all categories and abilities. They are Leslie Steiger, the sole woman on the team and a newbie to cycling. A Cat. 4, Leslie is enjoying her first go at clipless pedals and riding her bike in the mud. Sam Fiorino is a Cat. 3 crosser and racing the "killer Bs" field. Sam brings several years of racing experience and has an infectious passion for the discipline. Ian Landau, team co-founder, also brings years of cross and road experience and is their walking Wikipedia of cyclocross knowledge. Fred Grim is also new to cross, and as a Cat. 4 this year he is adding technical skills to his impressive road background. Daniel McMahon, team co-founder, enjoys racing with and against teammate Ian for bragging rights. Daniel enjoys the fun challenge that cross offers after a long road season. When he's not updating the team's eponymous blog with local and regional racing news, Daniel contributes articles to VeloNews. Brian Quinn is another recent comer to 'cross but won races right off the bat in the Cat. 4s this season, and he is now doing battle in the killer Bs. Expect to see him in the hot mix there. Finally, Sean Smith is our newest member. Sean has a stellar MTB background, and he started road racing as a Cat. 5 just this year. Sure enough, he finished the season as a Cat. 1! And last week Sean won his second-ever cross race in the tough killer Bs  field. Sean is wasting no time and heading straight to the UCI elite races this weekend. He is clearly a very special talent.

Team is all about racing hard, racing fair, and being a positive force in the cross community. They wish to help grow cross in the US along with all the other greats teams and clubs out there in any way they can.

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Barry Lasko DDS/ Race Team

The Barry Lasko DDS/ cycling Team is one of the most successful masters road racing teams in the United States.Barry Lasko is a very successful dentist and  Paul Tracy is one of the most popular and successful  Indy car drivers in the world.Both are passionate and the team is very lucky to have them as title sponsors.

 The Barry Lasko DDS/ race team is comprised of diverse cyclists, including three multi-time Pan American and national champions, California, Utah, Arizona  and Nevada state champions, as well as school teachers, doctors, and insurance adjusters.  Barry Lasko DDS/ has over 250 victories and 350 podiums since it was founded. 


For the 2010-2011 season, the team looks forward to continuing its winning ways by applying the same philosophy: "winning through Teamwork."  They function like a professional team in that they race as a team and not just individuals going for a win. Thus, the public views them as a team and they garner increased support and publicity as a result.


Team Roster:

Louie Amelburu

Ken Bingham

Alex Pristash

Mike Anderson

Noe Alcala

Stan Freeman

Barry Lasko

Marek Sierski

Jimmy Robbins

Steve Kircher

Jonathon Edwards

Jason Lije

Gian Simmonetti

Don Armstrong

Jeff Strong

 Bill Pincard

Ryan Jarrell

Paul Tracy

Mark Shafer

Mark Keller

Ryan Arnold

Gabe Deleon

Alex Pendleton

Carl Recine



Cyfac - Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks Cyclocross Team

Photo courtesy of Anthony Skorochod

Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks began as a simple project with a small caveat: Bring Valentin Scherz back to the US to defend his 2009 Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross (MAC) title, with some solid reinforcements to keep the crown. Anthony Grand, an elite CX and MTB racer and close friend of Scherz, joined the campaign, as well as NYC's Kyle Peppo (GS Mengoni) and David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports), Matt Spohn (West Chester, PA), and defending junior MAC champ Julz Meier for their 12-week march throughout the toughest cyclocross events on the Northeastern calendar.

As a cultural exchange program, the team's main mission is quite altruistic by design. Co-directors Jed Kornbluh and David Berson, joined by a number of top level sponsors, have enabled these two Swiss U23 riders and their US Elite comrades to compete at the highest level throughout the Northeast while immersing their two host families in the life of an elite Euro-pro for a 12-week home-stay. The family will aid in training and diet, manage pit detail at events, and provide the much-needed support system for these two riders so far from home, creating a bond between the elite rider and their hosts while continuing to raise the bar for area riders among their competition.

The schedule for the 2010-11 campaign includes the Champion System Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series, select USGP and NACT events, and other regional races from Massachusetts to Las Vegas.The team heads to Providence for a two-day UCI C2 series and the queen event of the MAC Series, Granogue, the following week. They will then head to Lousiville, Ky. for the next round of the USGP (Derby City) and will spend November finishing up the rest of the Champion System MAC Series.

Scherz and Grand currently hold the 1st and 2nd place rankings in the Champion System MAC series with a healthy lead, with teammate Spohn sitting nicely in 11th place.

2010 Roster: 

Valentine Scherz

Anthony Grand

Kyle Peppo

David Sommerville

Matt Spohn

Julz Meier


Jed Kornbluh

David Berson



Kissena Cycling Club

Based in Brooklyn, New York, and founded in 1963, Kissena is one the oldest cycling clubs in the United States.  Members run from Category 4 to Category 1, racing somewhere between once a year and 60 times a year. The club has developed city, state, national, and international champions.  The most famous Kissena alumni is George Hincapie, who began racing with Kissena when he was just 9 years old.  Kissena is the largest promoter of races in the New York City area with over 50 races a year on the schedule including road races and weekly races at the Kissena Velodrome, New York's only velodrome.

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Battley Harley-Davidson / Sonoma Racing


Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Restaurant Racing was founded by co-sponsors and directors Tom Buzas and Eli Hengst with the mission of building an elite amateur cycling program (Category 1-2)  that could compete at the local, regional, and national levels.  

Despite the lofty goal, their starting point was pretty simple: put together a team of guys that love racing but that don't take themselves too seriously.  They figured if you couldn't stand to be in a car with a guy for six hours, or didn't want to grab a beer with him, odds are that you're not going to sacrifice in a race for him either. That basic guideline has worked pretty well for them.

In the four short years since the team's inception, their results have far exceeded their initial hopes: in 2008, Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma ended the year as No.1 Ranked Amateur NRC team in the USA and they capped the season with an NRC win at the Priority Health Classic.  

Over the last three years, they've swept more podiums (1-2-3) in elite races than any team in their region's history.  In the last two years, their riders have won every championship criterium and road race in the Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association (MABRA) region - which includes Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Delaware. 

Although their riders take great pride in their ability to race on the big stage, their team is deeply dedicated to local racing.  A commitment to their local race schedule has been the foundation of their bigger successes; racing in front of family, friends, and local supporters has provided the team with motivation and also given the team the visibility that allows it to attract the best local talent.

In 2010, following the creation of a development program, Battley is off to one of its best starts ever, with the most wins in our home region, as well as highlights like top tens in pro fields including BikeJam/Kelly Cup and a 2nd place in the Killington Stage Race's queen stage.

It may sound corny, but they really value the strength of other local teams and consider the high level of regional competition an advantage.  While the team proud of their record, they know that they can't take the outcome of any race for granted:  there is no shortage of pro, former pro and national champion riders in the immediate area; no race in our parts - even the most modest industrial park crit - is a "gimme". 

There's a running joke that the team is the region's "blue collar" team, partly a reference to its minuscule team budget, but more likely due to the composition of the team: amongst the squad are a police officer, a carpenter, a general contractor, an Army soldier and a Marine, retail and restaurant workers, former pros, interns and students. 

The common thread? Their friendship and a passion for racing.

The team would like to thank their sponsors: SRAM, Cannondale, Champion Systems, Giro, The Bicycle Pro Shop, and Teaism for supporting its habit and looks forward to seeing all of you soon at the races!

Battley Harley Davidson / Sonoma Restaurant's 2010 Roster:

Keck Baker

Sean Barrie

Ramon Benitez

Art Brown

Tim Brown

Brian Butts

Jose Escobar

Michael Flanagan

David Fuentes

Mason Haymes

Will Hilsman

Chuck Hutcheson

Sean O'Rourke

Tim Rugg


Tom Buzas - sponsor

Eli Hengst  - sponsor



Team Spotlight: Killington Mountain School


Most people may not know this, but high school level bike racing is alive and well and has been for years.  It's just that the racing is not in any way affiliated with either USA Cycling or NEBRA, only lasts for three short weeks in the spring and takes place almost entirely within the northerlymost corner of the United States, in New Hampshire and Maine.  It's called the New England Road Cycling League, a/k/a "prep school league" (  It's been going strong for decades with up to 15 New England public and private secondary schools and anywhere from 120-140 kids competing twice a week from late April to early May each year.   That's enough junior racers to fill three levels of boys' fields and two, yes two, levels of girls' fields. The problem? All but a handful of these kids race beyond prep school and few even race any races outside of the seven or so prep school races. Enter Peter Vollers and his Killington Mountain School Cycling Team ( project.  

During the winter of 2009-2010, Woodstock, Vermont resident Vollers, a past U.S. Junior World's Team member, was named Committee Chair for Junior Cycling Development for USA Cycling's New England association, NEBRA (New England Bicycle Racing Association).   This is a tough job as junior cycling in the northeast remains at a low point relative to its heyday in the mid-'80's.  Although there is always the somewhat oddball kid who doesn't play conventional sports who gets the cycling bug, it's rare to have mainstream athletes take up the sport. Vollers examined conventional teen sports and discovered that one of the key attractions for any young athlete is taking part in a school team. Vollers hypothesized that the social bonding of school team sports is really what provides the main impetus for many kids to immerse themselves in a particular sport.  With this in mind, Vollers began to look around for ways to somehow make bike racing a school team sport.  

Vollers first attempted to form a team through the local public school, but they were understandably reluctant about taking on such a "fringe" sport.  It wasn't until he mentioned the school cycling team idea to KMS Headmaster Tao Smith, that that the project got off the ground.  In fact, it went something like, "So what do I need to do to get approval for the team?" asked Vollers, to which Smith replied, "You're approved. Get to work!" Vollers knew he had found a home at KMS. What could be a better fit for bike racing than a school dedicated to ski racing and snowboarding competitions combined with academic study?  Out of about 65 kids at the school, Vollers was astonished to have almost a third of the student body show up at the introductory meeting and, of those 20, nine have jelled as dedicated team members. But this wasn't ever going to be your ordinary prep school bike team.  These kids, well oriented to the rigors of serious racing sports, were game to dedicate themselves to the team from the get go and thanks to Champion System's CS Express program and the generous sponsorship from Tom Shebell, a New Jersey masters level racer, KMS parent and high school buddy of Vollers, the team was able to have pro-looking kits in less than three weeks, something Vollers, a 30-year veteran of the sport, had never seen achieved before. The team also travels to races in pro style in the Woodstock Bicycle Club ( Dodge Sprinter turbo-diesel van bedecked in sponsor decals, which was purchased by Vollers' law firm employer, as the firm's sponsorship of the club. 

From the beginning, Vollers had all of the team members take out USA Cycling licenses and the kids raced in two USAC early season New England races before they even did their first prep school race. Unlike all of the other prep school teams, the KMS team has augmented their prep school league racing with local sanctioned racing and they are planning on ending their spring campaign by building up to the internationally recognized Killington Stage Race, sponsored by Champion System.  All of the kids on the team plan to continue racing throughout the summer, thus fulfilling Vollers' goal of harnessing the camaraderie of a school team to get new junior racers hooked on the sport of cycling.  What Vollers didn't expect is how much he would enjoy the process: "Every time I put on my KMS team kit and go train with these kids, I feel like I'm 17 again!"  

2010 Roster:

Zach Stockman - Killington, VT

Dylan Malone - Needham, MA

Ansel Dickey - Truro, MA

Cameron Price - Rutland, VT

Kenny McNeil - Rutland, VT

Julian Scherding - Woodstock, VT

Alden Suokko - Woodstock, VT

Peter Vollers Jr. - Woodstock, VT

Tommy Shebell - Fair Haven, NJ 

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Team Spotlight: Team 4mil


Team4mil is a non-profit, privately funded (through donations) military Race Across America (RAAM) Team racing to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Team4mil is the first all-US military team to race RAAM.

While it is not officially sanctioned by the U.S. Military, every rider and some crew are either active duty or retired. Founded in 2009, Team4mil strives to be extremely competitive versus all teams and win the RAAM Military Challenge Cup, all while raising awareness and support for our fellow warriors.  The team is composed of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard Officers and Enlisted riding at the C 2/3/4 and top Collegiate levels. 

The team's mission is to compete in the world's most respected and longest-running annual endurance event to commemorate the sacrifices of all those who have served their country, generate charitable contributions for the Wounded Warrior Project, and make a positive contribution to military recruiting, cycling, and public relations. The 2010 RAAM begins in Oceanside, Calif. (Camp Pendleton), and ends locally in Annapolis, Md. (Naval Academy), two great military towns.

2010 Roster:


L Roy Collins, USCG (Ret)

MSgt Tom Draffen, USMC

2nd L Adam Kruse, USAF

ENS Peggy LeGrand, USN (Select)

Capt Kyle Pitman, USMC (Road Captain)

C Dan Schindler, USN (Team Captain) 

MSG Dean Wagner, USA (Combat Wounded)

Maj. Jim Weinstein, USAF


Steve Curlee, USN

Phil Houck

Shane Keating

Beth Kelsey

Tim Omlor, USN

Lockett Pitman, USN

Heidi von Teitenberg

Tony Serrano, USMC

More information can be found at:

Photo: L-R: Capt Kyle Pitman, C Dan Schindler, ENS Peggy LeGrand, Troy Jacobson, MSgt Tom Draffen, Maj. Jim Weinstein, LT Roy Collins (Ret)



Team Spotlight: Whole AthleteCycling Team

The Whole Athlete Cycling Team is a non-profit funded youth development program for juniors and espoir boys and girls.  Founded in 2008 by Dario Fredrick, the team's riders receive mentoring and support in the form of individual and group coaching, training-related services such as testing, bike fitting, and nutritional guidance, as well as team rides, clinics, and camps.  For 2010, Whole Athlete has significantly stepped up their game, securing extensive product support from sponsors like Specialized and WTB, as well as organizing team trips to events like Fontana ProXCT, where the team got on the podium an astounding 12 times, including wins in Cat 1 17/18 men, Cat 1 17/18 girls, Cat 2 15/16 men.  Even team founder Fredrick got in on the win action, taking the top step in the Cat 1 40-44 for the second time in three weeks.

The bar is set high for the rest of the 2010 season, with the Sea Otter Classic wrapping up the West Coast spring.  Even bigger goals come later in the year: an altitude camp in Lake Tahoe at the end of June, MTB Nationals in Colorado in July, and the World Cup Finals in New York in August.   From regional races to international competition, team members are learning to compete (and succeed) at the highest levels.

The mission of the Whole Athlete Cycling Team is to invest in the future of youth and the sport of cycling by supporting development of junior and espoir cyclists, and to provide a team program where young cyclists can race and ride together guided by their defining philosophy: dedication, integrity and fun.  This mission is enabled by volunteer time and donations to the VeloDevelopment Fund, a 501 3 (c) non-profit organization.

2010 Roster:

John Bennett

Will Curtis

Nick Newcomb

Zack Valdez

Tony Smith

Davis Bentley

Riley Predum

Alec Kassin

Max Houtzager

Will Patterson

Roman Brockley

Bobby Zidek

Joe Yoham

Zack Berman

Colby Pastore

Taylor Smith

Sven Beer

Alex Stevensen

Victoria Yoham

Sofia Hamilton

Mackinzie Stanley

More information can be found at and



Team Spotlight: BMW-Bianchi Cycling Team

The BMW-Bianchi team began as part of the Capital Cycling Club in Cary, North Carolina in 2004 under the impetus of manager Laura Weislo. Geared toward racers who have ambitions of moving up the national rankings, the team's primary mission is to welcome relatively unknown riders and give them a place to learn, thrive and succeed in a positive team environment.

The squad has had numerous successes beginning in the 2004 Liberty Classic in our first year. We rallied behind guest rider Becky Conzelman, and she took fourth place in the sprint, just missing a podium placing in the biggest race of the year.

The next year we gained BMW and Bianchi as title sponsors, and have kept a close relationship with those companies over the past five seasons.

The team had its biggest year to date in 2009 when Erica Allar joined and won both the Clarendon Cup and Atlanta 10k NRC races, pushing the team to 8th ranked overall in the nation.

For 2010 the team has grown in size and quality, bringing in talented riders like Sarah Caravella, Rachel Warner, Kathleen Billington, Kate Ross, Jenette Williams and Leigh Valletti Hopkins alongside the already strong team. The ladies are looking to take on the NRC calendar and establish ourselves as one of the top women's teams in the nation.

Elite team

Kathleen Billington

Christy Blakely

Sarah Caravella

Tonya Miller

Cora Olson

Kate Ross

Lauren Shirock

Leigh Valletti Hopkins

Rachel Warner

Laura Weislo

Jenette Williams

Deb Sweeney Whitmore

Regional team

Nicole Overeem

Jen Petosa

Patty Shoaf

Melissa Wills

Laura Wright


Team Spotlight: Snapple Tri Team

Snapple Lyte Water, a new electrolyte-enhanced water source for the active, is pleased to sponsor the 2010 Snapple Triathlon Team. Comprised of top-flight professional and amateur athletes, the squad promotes the sports of triathlon and duathlon, the healthy lifestyles that come with them, and encourages friends and competitors alike to get outside and race.

Champion System is the official clothing sponsor of the Snapple Tri Team.



Team Spotlight: Champion System/Cannondale Professional Mountain Bike Team

The Champion System/Cannondale Professional Mountain Bike Team was established in 2006 to showcase regional talent on a national and international level. The team, which is based out of North Carolina, has gained a reputation as one of the premier elite mountain bike programs in the country. Champion System/Cannondale has grown to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Over the course of the past 4 seasons the team has taken home state championships, national titles and a world title. The team consists of 6 riders with a variety of disciplines such as cross-country, ultra endurance, short track, and cyclocross. The organization aspires to provide athletes with all the tools necessary throughout the rigorous yearlong racing calendar. The team is run by the athletes themselves in a truly team-oriented atmosphere. This approach has made Champion System/Cannondale a dominating force in the racing community. The team will be competing in several USA Cycling National events like the US Cup, AMBC, SERC and select regional events. Look for the Champion System/Cannondale Professional mountain bike team on a podium near you!

Team Spotlight: GOTRIbal

GOTRIbal is an international network of women who share a passion for endurance sports: runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, duathletes, adventure racers, ultra-women and others. It started when Tanya couldn't find a way to connect with other women, outside of San Diego, who shared her passion for triathlon. She really wanted to give back to the community, as her triathlete mentors had done for her in Hawaii 8 years previous. But there was no resource that allowed her to connect with other women around the world in endurance sports. GOTRIbal was born.

Chrissie Wellington, 3-time World Ironman Champion and Ironman-distance world record holder, became the Chief Ambassador for GOTRIbal in January of 2009 and has encouraged women to take advantage of GOTRIbal as a source of energy, inspiration, education, and camaraderie.

GOTRIbal quickly grew to 54 Tribes in 26 countries and 44 states in 2009 and was featured in Australia Triathlete magazine, Women's Running Magazine,,, and much more.

GOTRIbal is hoping to reach 4500 women by 2010 and its main goals will be to provide the resources, women's performance apparel, events, and services that allow women to feel empowered to accomplish anything they set their minds to - whether it be on or off the race course.

In 2010, GOTRibal will:

  • Launch a new partnership with Champion System to provide professionally designed GOTRIbal gear
  •   Host an inaugural 5K Fun Run/Walk on Jan. 30 in San Diego (Mission Bay)
  • Produce a GOTRIbal national conference with speakers, clinics, food and a special expo on Oct. 16 in San Diego


To find out more or sign up for the TRIbal Talk newsletter, visit


Team / Cannondale


The / Cannondale Amateur Cycling Team has been one of the country's premier amateur cycling programs over the last 15 years. 2009 marked the start of their successful partnership with; previously they operated under the FiordiFrutta and Wheelworks names. Over the years, the / Cannondale program has consistently been ranked the top amateur team in the country by the NRC points standing, including 4 out of the previous 5. In order to achieve this position they compete in events across the United States and Canada, yet they remain strictly a New England based program with all of their riders residing in the Northeast. Their primary purpose and annual goal is to educate and graduate young, regional, talent into the programs and ranks of high caliber professional teams. To do so, they maintain a healthy balance between up-and-coming young cyclists and proven, experienced riders whose strength and leadership are instrumental in the annual success of the team.

Team riders who have moved onto careers in professional cycling include: Jonathan Page, Mike Jones, Shawn Milne, Justin Spinelli, Dan Timmerman, Mike Cody, Matt Svatek, Mike Dietrich, Phil Wong, Phil Gaimon, Jamey Driscoll, and Toby Marzot. They have had an array of team members ride for the US National Team in Europe including Oliver Stiler-Cote, Shawn Milne, Darby Thomas, Robbie Dapice, Donny Lopez, Matt White, Jamey Driscoll and Johannes Huseby. There have also been 15 National Championships held by their riders. After the 2009 season, they graduated 2 of their 8 riders onto professional teams. Eric Schildge will be racing with Mountain Khakis and Nick Keough with Kenda Pro Cycling.

Once again, the 2010 team is comprised of the most talented riders in New England. Returning riders are Josh Dillon, Dan Timmerman, Alister Ratcliff, Justin Lindine, Thom Coupe, and Steve Weller. As supplements to this stacked roster, they have added Will Goodfellow, Shannon Morgan, and Jerome Townsend. They will compete in the local racing calendar, but their priority lies with the NRC. Highlights for the 2010 season include Joe Martin, Nature Valley, Fitchburg, Cascade Classic, and U23/Elite Nationals.

The team's goals for the 2010 season remain the same as always: win events in which the teams against whom they are racing are the teams they hope to graduate their riders onto.

Additional sponsors include:, Cannondale, Champion System, Mavic, Rudy Project, ClifBar, Thomson, TRP, Headsweats, SRAM, and Joe's Garage.

Thanks for reading and check out their website


Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp


Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp is based in Trexlertown, Penn. - home of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. The team consists of an elite race team and a club program with 26 members for the coming year. The junior team has kids ranging in age from 10 to 18 and in ability from absolute beginner to Category 2 racers.

The team was formed in 2007 by May Britt Hartwell, an Olympic cyclist and World Champion from Norway, who saw no junior development programs in the region and wanted to establish a youth cycling program similar to those she had experienced in Europe. Following the European model, Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp focuses on structured programming, personal discipline, physical effort and a commitment to excellence.

The result has been more than 150 race victories in track and road racing in three seasons. Those victories include five national championship titles, 34 national championship medals, 26 state championship titles and 36 state championship medals. This year, the team sent a squad to the Tour of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and the Tour de l'Abitibi in Canada, both UCI stage races. Two Young Medalists were selected to race on the USA Junior Men 17-18 National Team in Europe and one medalist was selected for the USA Junior Women talent identification camp.

While the team provides the training and opportunity for junior racers looking toward Olympic or professional cycling, the Young Medalists is also a team for kids interested in trying cycling as a way to get fit. The goal of the program is to provide a means for physical, intellectual and emotional growth that will help them succeed long after their junior racing days.

To find out more about Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp, visit:


Team Sirius


Team Sirius is a training squad under the leadership of former triathlon world champion Siri Lindley. Siri retired from competition in 2003 as the #1 female triathlete in the world. Siri held this title in 2001 and 2002, to the day she retired in 2003. Siri had 13 World Cup wins and 2 World Championship wins (2001 World Triathlon Championship, 2001 World Aquathlon Championship).

When she retired, Siri was led by her passion to want to help other athletes achieve their goals and dreams in this sport. Siri trains her international squad year round in Borrego Springs and Ventura County, Calif. Team Sirius is an international team containing 13 members representing 11 different countries. Siri's dream has been to create an international squad, giving athletes who would otherwise not have an opportunity to train at this level, the opportunity to be the best that they can be, with her leadership.

Team Sirius includes:

Samantha Warriner (New Zealand):

2008 World ITU #1 . Winner of several 70.3 races.

Mirinda Carfrae (Australia):

Hawaii Ironman World championships 2009 Silver Medal, World Champion 70.3 2007

Hayley Peirsol (USA) (pictured above):

Former national level swimmer (sister of multiple Olympic gold medalist Aaron Peirsol). Hayley will be beginning her 2nd year as a pro triathlete. She has incredible potential and is looking to be a great contender for the 2012 Olympics.

Rodrigo Acevedo (Colombia):

70.3 Foster Grant 70.3 World Championships: Overall Winner - Amateur Males (breaking the course record). World champion in age group 18-24. Hawaii Ironman World championship 2009 (3rd in his age group).  Winner of the 2009 Lake Stevens 70.3.

Marcela Miramontes (Mexico):

One of the top female athletes from Mexico. Will be focusing mostly on the 70.3 races in 2010.

Avi Gagel (Israel): 

One of Israel's top Olympic-distance triathletes.

Misato Takagi (Japan):

One of the top 5 Japanese short-course triathletes. Misato's goal is the 2012 Olympic Games and will be training hard along with Hayley, Sam, Avi and Hernan to succeed in that.

Hernan Rubiano (Colombia):

Short-course National Champion 2008.

Leanda Cave (England):

Short-course world champion 2003. Now focuses on 70.3 and Ironman and has won many major races.

Torsten Abel (Germany):

Leanda Cave's fiancée, and a great athlete himself. Ironman and 70.3 distance.

Zachary Britton (USA):

Won his age group in nearly every race he raced in 2009. He will turn pro in 2010. Zach also attends Georgetown Law School.

Gonzalo Puig (Uruguay):

Attends Loyola Marymount University. Will be back at camp in May, June and the summer.

Guilherme Campos (Brazil):

Focuses on 70.3 and IM distance.

Siri's staff is dedicated to giving athletes from disadvantaged countries the ability to come train with the team and have the opportunity to achieve their dreams in this sport. Some of these athletes have very little, but have saved up all their money to come to the United States to train. Team Sirius would like to thank Champion System. These athletes have been given the opportunity to train in comfortable gear, allowing them to reach optimal performances. It also has given them a sense of pride, to be a part of the team and to have the support of Champion System.

Team Sirius is not only known for their outstanding results, but more importantly, for their passion for the sport. Their athletes all have big dreams. They all throw their hearts and souls, along with coaches Siri and Nikki Disanto, to do everything in their power to achieve excellence in themselves, enabling them to achieve their dreams in the sport.

Keep up with Team Sirius at

Champion System is the official clothing sponsor of Team Sirius.


Red Zone Junior Cycling Team

Red Zone Cycling is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and boasts a club and team membership of nearly 60 kids ages 6 to 16.  The roots of the team were planted with a few families that had kids that wanted to race bicycles, but didn't have an avenue available.  The only answer - to start their own team.  Once the word got out of a junior cycling team being formed, the membership quickly grew with other local kids that had the same desire, proving immediately that "if you build it, they will come."

Fast forward 3 years and it is easy to see how a little idea can turn into a big one that fast.  Red Zone Cycling has kids interested and involved in 3 disciplines of cycling:  Road, Mountain and Cyclocross.  They have 2 National Championships, 8 National Podium finishes, kids being selected for USAC's National Talent ID Camps and even one who travelled to Belgium to take part in USAC's 15-16 European Road Camp.  This December, they will be represented by 14 kids at the US National Cyclocross Championships in Bend, Oregon.

Hard to believe, but Red Zone Cycling is 100% parent and kid-volunteer driven. Parents help organize, run practices and do fundraising, while the older kids mentor to the younger kids.  A development system is being devised so that all of the kids can climb a ladder of systemic improvement over time.  But the most important benefit is that the kids are having fun and learning life lessons.  They are meeting and making friends, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing a love of the sport of cycling that they will carry with them long after they leave the Red Zone.

To find out more about Red Zone Cycling, visit