Tina and Kenny Greene

We competed as the "Greene Team" on CBS Emmy Award Winning "Amazing Race" Season 13.  We came in second place out of 11 teams racing around the world and missed the $1 million by only 7 minutes!  40,000 Miles, 8 countries in 23 days!

Pretty good for our age as the team that beat us were 20 and 21 years old!!! 


After we completed the race, we started investigating ways to bless other people who have had challenges in their life.  We were a couple that prior to the race, were separated but through the experience of that race, put our marriage back together.  Because of our experience, we wanted to give back in some way.   We started discussing possibilities with the TV network Media General/Riverbank Studios/WFLA-TV in Tampa that has a nationally syndicated show.  Our "Adventures with a Vision" will be segments on The DayTime TV show that is nationally syndicated across the U.S. in 100 major markets.  Our TV show's format is to take someone who has or is currently going through a difficult situation and has come through it a better person and touched the lives of those around them.  It has been inspiring, with the theme to "Pay It Forward"....raising money and awareness for various charities throughout the U.S.
Considering our travel experience, love for adventure and heart for the less fortunate, we decided to undertake a mission of putting a smile on peoples faces that hadn't many chances lately.  The format for the show is to each group of segments, take someone with us to experience the freedom of travel and exploration.  It is a cross between "Extreme Home Makeover", "Make a Wish" and "Amazing Race".  Our first segments were with an 11 year old boy from the Children's Cancer Center here in Tampa, that is battling lymphoblastomic cancer.  He is an incredible young man, who despite his cancer, has a heart of a servant.  We filmed surprising him at a school assembly here in Tampa that was all caught on film and we whisked him off on his adventure trip. My wife Tina is the Chairman of the Board for the CCC, so he was a logical first choice for this adventure.  We drove to Amelia Island in Florida, participating in a fishing expedition, golfing, bike riding, a segway tour, kayaking, surfing lessons and visiting Fort Clinch. In each segment, Tina and I will also be partaking in an extreme sport adventure - such as hang gliding, parachuting, spear fishing underwater, mountain biking, snowmobiling, etc. 

The executives at NBC believe that this could be an extremely successful show, much like "Extreme Makeover, Home Addition" has been.  We will be featuring a new person each week of segments from around the U.S. with just as compelling a story as Robby's.   
Our Adventure trip to Amelia Island ended up being 5 segments airing during "Sweeps Week"!  We have other locations throughout the U.S. and ultimately around the World in our plans. 
We were also selected by CBS/Amazing Race/Royal Caribbean to travel on a cruise through Canada and the Northeast filming 3 commercials on board...so as you can see, we are recognizable to the public and project a great image!
Ken was an NFL 1st Round Draft Choice - #19 overall and played 5 years with the St. Louis Cardinals and 2 years with the San Diego Chargers.  Ken's passion for football carried over in his coaching career with Fresno State, Purdue and Washington State University for 11 years.  He currently has over 8 players he coached playing in the NFL.  Tina was the youngest director at a $10 Billion NY conglomerate as International Strategic Director and has started two companies, currently the owner and CEO of an executive search firm  - BioPharmMed.  Tina is also on the Executive Board of Directors of The Children's Cancer Center.  We are both well travelled worldwide and incorporate an “Adventure Travel” spirit into all of our trips.  This is a second marriage for both of us and we have overcome many obstacles and have 4 grown children together and 3 grandchildren with two more on the way!  
Please visit our website to see some of the information from the Amazing Race, "Adventures with Vision", Countries we have visited and Quotes and Comments from fans around the world!