Patrick House

Patrick was born in Brandon, MS to Nick and Sally House on June 22, 1982. He attended Brandon High School and was a standout offensive lineman. In 2000, he attended Delta State University on scholarship to play football and while pursuing his degree in business management, his battle with weight escalated. He was an Offensive Lineman for the school's football team and consumed large quantities of food to maintain that position but an injury forced him to stop playing yet he continued to maintain the same diet.

He married the former Bradley Callender on Dec 17, 2005 with whom he has two sons, Colton, 5 & Caden, 4.

In January of 2010, the former Vicksburg resident lost his job as a food sales representative and found himself weighing 400 pounds. He and his Mother had tried out for Season 5 of the Biggest Loser and made it to the final casting call before being cut. A Producer from the show contacted him in March and invited him to another try-out for Season 10 in New Orleans. After beating out 350,000 other potential contestants nationwide, he was chosen to be on the show.

Before The Biggest Loser experience, Patrick didn't realize he had any health issues but found out he had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. He started his quest on the Biggest Loser Ranch in California in June where he competed and trained for three months outlasting 20 other contestants to make it to the final 3.

Upon return to Vicksburg, he spent time working out at the local YMCA and making healthy choices with regards to diet and exercise. He was determined to have a better, healthier life with his wife and boys. He was looking forward to riding roller coasters at amusement parks, playing with and coaching his sons in sports and not using seatbelt extenders on airplanes. In October 2010, he ran his first marathon as a part of the show.

On December 14, 2010, with the nation's eyes upon him, 28 year-old Patrick became the first Mississippian to be chosen as The Biggest Loser. He had lost a total of 181 pounds or 45.3 % of his total body weight to win the $250,000 prize.

House said throughout the training he was fighting to have a better quality of life for himself, his family and also wanted to give Mississippi something to celebrate. "It's a lifestyle change, not a diet anymore," said House.

Patrick has now turned his energies toward battling obesity. He is a motivational speaker and a consultant for various companies and products throughout the United States. Patrick feels he can not only be a mentor on obesity-related issues but also fully understands the needs of overweight children since he has walked in their shoes. He is truly taking the "Pay It Forward" theme of his season of the show to heart in his quest to help children battle obesity and come out winners.

On April 18, 2011, Patrick completed his first Boston Marathon for charity to benefit the American Liver Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project by dedicating the race to his friend and high school classmate, SSgt Jason Rogers, who was a Marine killed in Afghanistan earlier that week.  He has since committed to running Boston again on April 16th, 2012.  This time, his father in law, Robin, will be at his side.  Robin is a 60 year old cancer survivor, running his first marathon with Patrick!

On October 30, 2011 he will serve as the Honorary Chair of the HeartWalk to benefit the American          Heart Association at the State Capitol.                                      

      Patrick feels called to help the people of MS with their struggles and food addictions and is willing to become the “Face of Obesity” in his home State. He has started promoting a program called LEAN ON ME targeting elementary school children in the state. LEAN ON ME stands for Learn, Eradicate, Advocate, Nullify Obesity Now in Mississippi’s Educational system. Patrick speaks to the children with a message of making healthier choices based on nutrition, exercise and in their relationships with their fellow students.  It contains an anti-bullying message as well as a teaching component that embraces the new food plate diagram suggested by the federal government to replace the old food pyramid. Patrick encourages the students to include everyone in their activities and games while never shunning a child who might be an easy target due to his/her weight.  

      The song "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers is used to remind our children to call on each other when they need a hand or someone to lean on when they have a problem like obesity or any other load to bear. Materials developed for an elementary school audience discussing healthy food choices and the impact of various exercises are given to the students. Patrick House leads the children in various interactive exercises to show them how easy it is to burn calories and have FUN. He leaves the children with a green silicone wristband symbolizing the color of medicine (as well as their veggies) and reminds them to make healthy choices while being a part of his “Green Team.”  These children will be following Mississippi's own Biggest Loser in a quest to become WINNERS in their fight for a healthier lifestyle.