Nicole Delma

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Nicole Delma spent much of her youth outdoors regardless of the season. Whether it was sailing on Lake Washington, kayaking between the San Juan islands, skiing in the Cascade Mountains or surfing up and down the Washington and Oregon Coast, Delma had many opportunities to develop her passions for both sport and nature.

An active adventure seeker, she competed as a contestant on Survivor Pearl Islands in 2003. At the time she was cast, Delma was preparing for a career in sports medicine and working as a sports massage therapist in southern California with the AVP volleyball and professional tennis athletes.  An active marathon runner and former NCAA Cross Country competitor for Santa Clara University, Delma was selected to compete as much for her athleticism and deeply competitive spirit as for her reputation as a straight-talker who never hesitated to say exactly what she was thinking.

Following the shoot of the show in Panama, Delma decided to take her earnings and embark on an 18-month self-guided tour around the world. During her travels, she visited over 15 countries in Europe, South America, Asia and spent an extended amount of time living and working in Australia and New Zealand. Upon returning to the states in 2004, Delma continued to pick-up work in television as a spokesperson for Guthy Renker infomercials, as well as hosting and guesting on programs like Nickelodeon's You Pick, E!'s True Hollywood Story, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and the Early Show. Ultimately, Delma decided to give-up Hollywood to pursue a career in digital media. She moved to the East Coast, which is where she currently resides.

Delma has worked in digital marketing roles for media giants Conde Nast Publications and Getty Images. She currently serves as Chief Data Officer for RCRD LBL.

Still actively racing, Delma runs 15-20 races per year including 2-4 marathons. She has medaled in the Catalina Half Marathon, the Big Brothers Big Sisters 4k in NYC and the Brooklyn Bridge 3k. This year, she will have run three marathons including Seattle, the Marine Corps and NYC Marathons -- the latter two taking place within a week of each other. Delma is currently transitioning her marathon training to triathlon training with the goal of completing her first full tri in 2012. In addition, she has added pilates, yoga and mixed martial arts conditioning to her fitness regimen