Jodi Wincheski

Jodi Wincheski raced around the world on season 14 of The Amazing Race.  Since competing on race she has had the opportunity to help other people fulfill their dreams by casting them on various CBS reality shows.  She is now working full time with SEG casting finding people for the TV show Survivor.  Jodi is very active in participating in charity events and always up for a new challenge or adventure. 

Jodi describes herself as outgoing, athletic and adventurous.   She says after conquering her biggest fear by jumping off the 2nd highest bungee jump in the world, all other challenges should be a piece of cake.  Some of her hobbies include beach volleyball, snow skiing, the gym, and p90x workouts.  With her experience racing and physical fitness she would be an asset to any team. 

Jodi currently resides in Houston, TX with her 13 year old daughter, Riley.   She is a long time flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and now also casts for CBS reality shows.   She grew up in Oregon, but attended colleges in both San Diego and New Orleans, where she earned a Business Management degree from Loyola, New Orleans.  Jodi enjoys the flexibility her job offers because it allows her to travel and continually meet new people.  She will approach and talk to anyone, which has proven to be of great value, both in racing and casting.  Jodi says along with traveling around the world and participating in outrageous challenges, the best aspects of being on The Amazing Race have been the people she has met and the charities she has contributed to.  She is very grateful for the opportunities she has been given and hopes to continue to use her “15 minutes” in as many positive ways as possible. 

Jodi Wincheski will be part of the all female Champion System team participating in the 2012 REV3 Epic Adventure Race set for April 21-22.