Help!  Am I a men's race cut or club cut?

It's a common question here at Champion System. The difference between all the cuts are as follows:

Race Cut

We designed our race cut jersey based on a European fit. It's a tailored design worn by only the fittest cyclists who are lean and mean. Think pro riders, elite category 1 and 2 riders and those super-fit skinny guys who love to go up mountains fast. Just because you're a racer doesn't mean you should automatically order the race cut. We know lots of racers who order the club cut. Why? Because although they race almost every weekend, they still have an American build and the tight-fitting Euro race cut just won't do the job.

Club Cut

For everybody else we offer the club cut. Mind you, our club cut is not a baggy potato-sack jersey. It's still a classic cycling jersey that fits the majority of our customers—even the racers who are not as slim as they might think. 

Women's Cut

We make one women's jersey cut. This cut features a slight hourglass shape, in that it is nipped slightly at the waist so that it has a more feminine curve. The women's jersey also does not have elastic at the waistband. However, some of our female customers order a men's club or race cut jersey, depending on their style preferences. 

Not sure which cut is for you still? Did we mention you could request a sample kit.



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