CS-FIVE Is Here!

Can't meet our 10-piece minimum? Need only 5 custom crew shirts? Introducing CS-FIVE, the custom program with a low five-piece minimum. The only requirement is you order five of any same-style item.

For example:

  • 5 custom crew shirts


  • 5 custom polo shirts


  • 5 custom tech T-shirts

2012 CS-FIVE Custom Price List

International orders welcome! Click here for a currency converter.

 * * Note: All non-U.S. orders are subject to duty and tariff charges. Call your ministry of customs to find out how much these are and be prepared to pay the duty and tariff charges to the customs agent before you can have your order delivered. 

Custom Motorsports Clothing

Pit Crew Shirt $90

Tech Polo Shirt

$53 / $68

Tech T-Shirt


CS WindGuard Casual Jacket


*An 8.875% NYS sales tax will be applied to all orders shipping within New York State*

No Extra Charges!

Our pricing is all inclusive. There are no set-up charges, no color charges and no artwork charges.


Questions? Email us at: info@champ-sys.ca.