At Champion System, we have no minimums – well almost! You need to order at least one main item – A.K.A. one unit.


How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the amount of units you are ordering.
  • Initial orders receive discounted “Best Pricing” at 10 units – any mix of items
  • For same design reorders you receive the same discounted “Best Pricing” at only 5 units – any mix of items


What is a Unit?

  • Main items such as jerseys, singlets, shorts, jackets, etc… are each classified as one unit
  • Accessories are ordered in 5 item blocks – each block is equal to one unit


What are all my options?

Your order will fall into one of three tiers based on quantity- CS1, CS5, or CS10

  • CS1: Orders containing a range of 1-4 units
    (Example order: 1 x Jersey, 1 x Tri Top, 5 socks)
  • CS5: Initial orders containing a range of 5-9 units - qualifies for a discount on CS1 pricing
    (Example order: 4 x Jersey, 2 x Bib Shorts, 5 x socks, 5 x Arm Warmers)
  • CS10: Our most common option and the best value! CS10 “best pricing” consists of the following:
    • Initial orders totaling 10 units or more
      (Example order: 6 x Tri Top, 2 x Tri Shorts, 1 bib short, 5 x Socks)
    • Same (previous) design reorders totaling 5 units or more (notify your CAS)
      (Example order: 2 x Tri Top, 2 x Tri Shorts, 1 Run Singlet)


What if I only want to order accessories?

Just want to order a bunch of socks or some caps? No problem!  All you need are 10 units of Accessories – remember, each block of 5 accessories = 1 unit.

  • (Example Order: 20 x Socks, 10 x Arm Warmers, 10 x Leg Warmers, 10 x Caps = 10 Units)
  • (Example Order: 50 x Socks = 10 Units)


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