The original and most popular custom program, CS-10 features the price and minimums most groups demand.  New starting as of now, CS-10 offers even lower minimums! To place a CS-10 order, you now only need a TOTAL of 10 units (per design). YES, you read correctly! Not 10 of one same-style item anymore; just 10 units in TOTAL which can now be a mix of items to satisfy our minimum requirement.

What are units? Click here for more info.   Questions? Contact your Custom Apparel Specialist for details.


Here's an an example of a CS-10 order:

  • 5 Short Sleeve Cycling Jerseys  (can be a mix of sizes, gender, zipper lengths)
  • 2 WindGuard Wind Jackets
  • 1 Razor Bib Short
  • 1 Long Sleeve Skinsuit
  • 1 Polo Shirt


That's right, in the example above the group could order just one short sleeve skinsuit for the rider on the team that loves time trials or just one Razor bib short for the rider who will only ride in the finest Champion System bib short we offer.

Click link to see printable Custom program pricelist.


*NOTE: All prices listed on our website are based on the CS-10 Custom Program.


How long does it take?  Production & Delivery

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